Monstein moiré


I have just posted a video of a moiré pattern I generated earlier


The two gratings encrypt the images of Albert Einstein and Mona Lisa, hence Monstein. The two gratings are in green and purple — two opposite colors to combine into a gray image.


One Response to “Monstein moiré”

  1. Steven Rossiter Says:

    Hey, Dimitri. I came across your old moire and shadow art blog very recently. I am a Fine Art student at Loughborough University UK and I am looking at moire’s for my project. I am very new to them and I was hoping to maybe discuss moire based art with you, if you are willing of course. You seem to share similar ideas towards how it has yet to be used in art but, I’m certain your knowledge of them is far greater than my own!

    My e-mail is if you would like to discuss. I hope to hear from you soon.


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